No card fees, New menu & end of 10% offer

Sorry for the recent lack of communications…  We have in that period released a new menu that has been active for a few months please check out the latest dishes using the app or click here.

Due to recently laws passed by the government it is illegal for companies to pass on the charge to customer for card fees.  This hasn’t been a big issue for takeaways but certain companies have been charging high percentages when booking flights and hotels.

Due to these recent laws there will be some slight changes when placing orders online:

  • Card and Cash payments are now 100% free.  Customers paying by Credit or Debit card will no longer incur the £1 fee.
  • However we will have to remove our 10% discount on all online orders

I hope customers understand our reasons for removing the 10% discount.  The online discount was only temporary and our initial intentions were to run the discount for a maximum period of 6 months however the app proving so popular we decided to try and keep the discount on for as long as financially possible.  Companies like JustEat have got around this issue by charging a 50p ‘service charge’ on all orders however we will not be doing this.

However, more than likely the odd discount code will be thrown about here and there like we once used to do.  We hope customers appreciate our transparency as i’m sure most places wouldn’t advertise the fact their discounts are coming to an end.  I’m sure customers don’t order from Red Naga for the 10% discount alone!

For more information regarding the recent change in legislation regarding card fees please read this article:

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